Experience the "Old World" atmosphere
You'll find a tasty assortment of imported Dutch chocolate, tea, coffee, cocoa, cookies, cheese, candies and specialty Dutch foods at Woudstra's.

Experience the "Old World" Dutch atmosphere and unique flavors at our market located in historic and culturally colorful downtown Orange City, Iowa, where dedication to quality and service is still a way of life.

Dutch Imports
Dutch Coffee, Teas, Cocoa
Douwe Egberts Aroma-Rood, Red Label, Gold Label, Decaf, and Cappuccino

Droste Cocoa

Green Tea, Rooibos Tea
Dutch Peppermints & Licorice
Wilhelmia, Scheepstouw, Coffee Hopjes, Dutch Babbelaars, Griotton Honey Tops, Napoleon Lempur (lemondrops), Roomboterwafelsm Original Kings, Kings (Vleugje Drop), Extra Strong King, 3 Kilo Box Wilhelmina metal tin with 400 individually wrapped mintes, Dutch Tins with Mints.

Katjes(cats), Engelse(English), Kleene Double Salt Rolls, Dubbel Zout (Double Salt), School Krijt (Chalk), Muntendrup (Coins)
Dutch Droste Chocolates
Droste Chocolate Pastilles [milk, milk/white, milk/dark, butterscotch, dark mint, bittersweet dark, straccietella (cookies and cream)]

Milk Chocolate Letters Chocolate Bars [hazelnut, bittersweet, milk chocolate], Twist Banana Chocolate Spread, Twist Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, Twist Peanut Butter Chocolate spread, Chocolate Rum Filled Beans, Chocolate Shoes, Chocolate covered Marzipan Bars
Imported Quick Fix
Julienne Soup, Groente Soup Mix, Honig Dutch Pea Soup

Gehaktkruiden (Meatball spices), Kipkruiden (Chicken spices), Zaanse Molen Mustard
Other Dutch Treats
Meller caramel chocolate chews, De Ruijter chocolate flakes, Anijs Sprinkles, Poffertjes Mix, Poffertjes pans, and Dutch pancake mix.
Dutch Biscuits & Cookies
Bottetje Rye Bread, Bolletje Rusks [original], Koopman's Pannenkoeken (Pancake Mix), Small speculas cookies in tin, Steenstra Almond Claus Windmill Cookies, Hellema Speculas, Bakkers Almond Speculas, Creme de Pirouline, Stroopwaffels, Mini Stroopwafels, Kari's Homemade Stroopwafels, Verkade Shuttle Crackers (Paprika Kaas and Kaas & ui)